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King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit


Yearning for a plate of mushroom stir-fry, creamy mushroom stew, or other savory mushroom dishes? With our King Oyster Mushroom Grow Block, you can fulfill these culinary desires anytime you wish, all from the comfort of your home.


Our growth-ready blocks are tenderly nurtured at our eco-friendly mushroom farm nestled in West Hoathly. We're committed to sustainable practices, utilizing responsibly sourced hardwood to create superior quality farm blocks that yield freshly sprouted, savory gourmet mushrooms. Our produce is honored with the prestigious Demeter certification, ensuring they are devoid of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic growth enhancers, while also positively impacting the surrounding environment through our regenerative farming methodologies.


With a straightforward three-step process, you can harvest up to 800 grams of ready-to-cook King Oyster mushrooms. Celebrated for its robust flavor and hearty texture, King Oyster mushroom has become a beloved ingredient among gourmet chefs and culinary explorers alike.


Our What The Fungus blocks are crafted to enthrall the hearts of mushroom enthusiasts, hobbyists, and beginners alike. This low-maintenance mini-farm adapts well to a variety of settings and humidity levels. There’s no need for elaborate procedures or stringent sterilization. Simply slice it open, mist some water, wait for a week, and savor the mushroom magic anytime, anywhere.



Block weight: 2.5kg

Variant: King Oyster (Pleurotus eryngii)

Anticipated yield: 800g - 1.2kg (subject to the number of flushes)

Flushes: 1 - 3



Embark on a delightful mushroom cultivation adventure today!

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