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Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Pink Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit


Yearning for a delicious mushroom risotto, velvety mushroom bisque, or other delectable mushroom delights? With our Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow Block, you can indulge in these desires whenever you wish, right in the coziness of your home.


Our growth-ready blocks are nurtured with care at our eco-conscious mushroom farm located in West Hoathly. We adhere to sustainable practices by utilizing responsibly sourced hardwood to create premium quality farm blocks, delivering freshly sprouted, flavor-rich gourmet mushrooms. Our produce holds the esteemed Demeter certification, ensuring an absence of harmful chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic growth enhancers, while also contributing positively to the surrounding environment through our regenerative farming approaches.


With a simple three-step procedure, you can reap up to 800 grams of ready-to-cook Pink Oyster mushrooms. Renowned for its subtle seafood nuances and hearty meaty essence, the Pink Oyster mushroom, often dubbed the “bacon mushroom”, has carved a niche for itself as a cherished component in gourmet dishes and diverse culinary traditions.


Our What The Fungus blocks are designed to cater to the whims of mushroom aficionados, hobbyists, and novices alike. This hassle-free mini-farm is adaptable to various locales and humidity conditions. No elaborate procedures, no stringent sterilization required. Just slice it open, mist some water, await a week, and relish the mushroom magnificence anytime, anyplace.



Block weight: 2.5kg

Variant: Pink Oyster (Pleurotus djamor)

Anticipated yield: 800g - 1.2kg (subject to the number of flushes)

Flushes: 1 - 3


Embark on your mushroom growing journey today!

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